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The waxed cotton Tote


We set out to create a classic tote bag using high performance fabrics that we have already explored through our shirt designs, such as the waxed cotton from Dundee and the water repellent cotton from Lancashire. Through plenty of product testing we have developed a comfortable, practical and hardwearing bag.

Using a medium weight waxed cotton as the shell and a water repellent cotton to line, the body of the bag is strong, waterproof and timeless – this is hand made in our workshop in Lincolnshire. The moment the waxed cotton is cut, its life begins and starts its beautiful aging process.

The strong leather handles are made by Colin at McRostie of Glasgow, heavyweight leather specialists. On a visit to their workshop we were able to see the handles being cut to the width and length of our specification. The handles then travel from Glasgow down to our workshop, where they are hand stitched onto the waxed cotton bag. It’s a time consuming job, but the strongest and best looking way to finish our tote bag.

Check out the finished product – The Waxed Cotton Tote. 

Find McRostie of Glasgow on Facebook at:

Have a look at our Fabric information page to learn more about the fabrics and refer to the Product care page to ensure the longevity of your bag.

The photographs were taken earlier this year when we visited Colin in his workshop in Glasgow.



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