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Factory visit : Shooting socks

I frequently visit the factory that make my shooting socks and its great to have such a close working relationship – we have a lot of fun turning my sketches into reality. Their experience and skill is second to none and its impressive to see the hours that go into producing the finest Shooting socks.

T H E  P R O C E S S

First, we produce samples from my designs, to see what works and what doesn’t – which is always an interesting process. In your head something that you think will look good, sometimes doesn’t, and vice versa. When happy with the pattern and colours, our samples can go into production.

YARN > The merino yarn is dyed to spec and arrives at the factory ready to knit.

We choose to use Merino wool because not only is it luxuriously soft, its warm and hard-wearing. All of the socks have a reinforced foot, which also adds to the durability.

KNITTING > For many of the socks the tops are so intricate that they are knitted separately to the lower sock.

LINKING > The two then get linked together – by hand. The toe seam is also hand linked.

WASHING > In all knitwear production, the industrial washing process is crucial. The garment looks completely different until it has been washed.

FINISHING > The socks are pressed, either with an iron or on a metal ‘hot leg’.

HAND SEWING > Depending on the design, some of the socks need hand sewing.

GARTERS > A length of merino is knitted and a tassel is sewn onto the end to create our garters.

INSPECTING & PACKAGING > Each sock will pass through inspection before getting packaged and sent to TL HQ.

Our socks are made in small batches throughout the year, if you have any special requirements then please contact us at and we will do our best to accommodate you.

I am proud to produce the socks in such a wide range of sizes – starting in a UK size 4. There is a huge variety for both men and women.

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