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Mill visit : Coverdale throw collection

I had the pleasure of visiting the mill where the Coverdale throws are made. View the collection here.

The Coverdale collection is made from 100% British Wool; a blend of Fine Masham and Blue Faced Leicester wool, which goes from fleece to finished yarn in less than 50 miles.

All processes from the arrival of the yarn are carried out at the Mill in the Yorkshire Dales and I was able to follow the process as I was taken round the mill.

The Fibre > The British wool is sourced within 50 miles of the mill; a blend of Fine Masham and Blue Faced Leicester.

Dying > The process of applying colour to fibre before it is spun into yarn.

Blending > This is the opening of fibres and blending in different colours or fibre types to achieve the desired finish.

Carding > The carding processes align the fibres and produces loose untwisted strands.

Spinning > The fibres are then twisted at high speed to produce smooth and continuous yarn.

Warping > The throws consist of yarns running its length – the warp, and its width – the weft. The warping process is very time consuming, the sections are wound onto a ‘warping drum’, they are then run off simultaneously ready to be taken to the loom.

Weaving > Once at the loom, the warp and the weft are interlaced to weave the pattern.

Mending > Every throw goes through the hands of a mender. Checking the throw is perfect and repairing any faults before the finishing steps.

Finishing > The soft water from the local Pennines is used wash the throws. This gives the Coverdale collection the luxurious finish achieved with these throws. The throws are completely transformed once they have gone through the washing and finishing process.