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H A V E   Y O U ...  checked out the Tom Lane Tote

Made from waxed cotton with a leather handle, hand stictched on in our workshop in Lincolnshire.

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M E E T   T H E   F A B R I C S


W A X E D   C O T T O N 

We like things that get better with age! Waxed cotton is the original performance fabric. It ages beautifully and is strong enough to stand the test of time. The wax treatment creates a resistant wind and water barrier; other properties include strength, durability and longevity.

Waxed cotton dates back to the early 19th Century when it was used by sailors who were seeking protection from the elements so treated old linen sailcloth with linseed oil and created basic garments. From there, it has become a part of our heritage and is now widely used throughout the fashion and textile industries.

The base cloth is woven to the customers required specification then prepared through bleaching and singeing at the mill. The process then goes to dying, waxing and finished to the requirements.  There are different types of wax and oils that can be used in the waxing process. Linseed oil was one of the first used, as well as paraffin wax, beeswax and others. Different waxes can be blended to provide the performance and finish required. 

To ensure the longevity of your waxed cotton ptoduct, it is important that you follow the care instructions very carefully. Refer to our ‘Product care’ if unsure, or talk to us at .

 W A T E R   R E S I S T A N T   C O T T O N S

We have used a wonderful water resistant cotton in our Wanderer shirt collection. This light weight cotton twill fabric has a water repellent finish. This doesn’t alter the appearance or feel of the cotton at all, but will come in very useful if you get caught out in a shower while you are wandering. It takes our shirts to the next level, performance wise, and makes for the perfect wandering attire.  

Like all of our products, it is important that you refer to the ‘care instructions’ when it comes to washing your water repellent garment.


Wool is a resilient fabric, its breathable, durable and multi-climatic.  As wool fibers are non-conducts of heat, they allow the body to retain its normal temperature, the cloth has built-in climate control. As wool is a natural insulator and keeps the body warm in winter and naturally breathable to keep the body cool in summer.

Wool products use less energy than man-made fibers during the manufacturing process.


Cotton has many properties including being absorbent, durable and strong. It’s a comfortable fabric due to the breathable fibers.

At TOM LANE we also use PIMA COTTON: Pima cotton is a type of cotton grown primarily in Peru, the southwestern United States and Australia. It is considered to be one of the superior blends of cotton and is extremely durable and absorbent. This type of cotton is named after the Pima, a group of American Indians who first cultivated the plant in the U.S., but the cotton's origins are its cultivation in Peru.



F O L L O W  the TOM LANE journal to learn more about the materials that we use and where they come from. 


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