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New! Yak socks

We have collaborated with Khunu, a YakWear company to create the finest pair of boot socks. Khunu make the most beautiful jumpers and accessories using Yak fibre. The story behind their brand is fascinating and after learning a bit more about Yak fibre and its advantages it became clear that we might be able to make a really special pair of socks – and it worked! Yak fibre is incredibly warm, so soft but also durable and hard wearing.

β€œTo help sustain those at the source of this supply chain we invest two percent of our revenues back into the communities we source from. These two percent contributions go to entrepreneurial Tibetans who are trying to make a positive difference in their communities, and often the ventures they found are directly linked to our own supply chain. Our partnership with iYak in Qinghai has created jobs, new skills and helped herders maintain their traditional ways of life.” Khunu

In my Leicester factory we had several samples of a Yak boot socks made up. After wearing them for a few weeks we knew that we were on to something special. Since the launch of of them we have had such a wonderful response that we are now working on a larger range of Yak socks.

The boot socks are available here.