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The Modern Mill


Joshua Ellis produces and has produced the finest cashmere and woollen fabrics for over 200 years. Last year I had the pleasure of visiting the Joshua Ellis Mill in Yorkshire. It was a huge eye opener and a chance to see traditional manufacturing techniques being performed in a modern Mill.

“ Heritage alone stand for nothing, but a history of accepting only the very highest standards ensures that today, Joshua Ellis is the epitome of Luxury”. Joshua Ellis

Our Escorial Scarves were made in this mill, so I wanted to see the production of them for myself. Walking around the mill floor you begin to realise how important the finish to a fabric is. Amongst many ways to finish the cloth, my images capture a machine with rotating ‘teasels’ which are brushing the fabric, this leaves the cloth luxuriously soft and with a beautiful finish. “With the most sophisticated style and classic English textures our gifted craftsmen can help you create the look and feel you want. In the way we wash, burst, teasel, crop and press the fibres, we will elevate your cashmere into a class of its own. We use experience and judgement to tailor the finished product to your specific needs’.